We are on the next step of our campaign, PROMOTION!

We started to put together a small film last year and now we need to put the finishing touches to it and as always we need your help to make it the best we can.

On Sunday 10th February we are wanting as many people from the village to meet up at Kennet Way Park to help us complete the end of our film. The film is essential for raising funds and if it is clear that the village is behind the project our chances of receiving grants and donations massively increase (yeahy!)

The aim is to get everyone together to start for 12.30pm and to collectively shout out a few words to the camera – Something like ‘please donate now’ please help us’ etc.

We need to show the community at its best – we need a fantastic mix of residents, people from all generations filling up the park and showing your best smiles!

It won’t take long to film at all and it will be nice to all get-together!

As with any filming, there will be a consent form that you would need to fill out, just confirming that you are happy to appear in the film. I will try and get as much paperwork done beforehand, but will also have forms with me on the day. Please do not forget to fill one out.

Thank you everyone – we have got to keep going.