This is a community-led project and as such we want you to hear what some of the key organisations from our village have to say:


Oakley Community Association

Kennet Way needs investment. A centrally located park is a massive community benefit, providing a place for children to develop social and physical skills and to allow adults to form friendships. A good park also brings younger and older members of the community together helping to grow the sense of community. OCA wil be wholeheartedly supporting this campaign.  


Oakley Infant School – Niamh Hutchings

I am pleased and excited to support the work of improving the facilities at Kennet Way Park. The benefits of outdoor play for children go way beyond their physical benefits; we know play has enormous benefits for children’s wellbeing, creativity and their social development. The central location of Kennet Way Park means it is a focal point for parents, grandparents and childminders to take children after school to play and relax. It is important to support this community project to update and develop the area into a place where children want to come back to play day after day.



Oakley Junior School – Steve Rich

Kennet Way Park is underused and outdated. It is located at the heart of the village and should be an attractive, well maintained, safe and enjoyable outdoor amenity for active play. I fully support the efforts of the local community to work with Basingstoke Council to improve Kennet Way and make it a facility that we can all be proud of and that our children will want to return to again and again.




Oakley with Wootton

We are delighted to lend our support to the campaign. The provision is getting tired and uninspiring. We are all for improving the facilities at Kennet Way. I also believe that now is the time to be doing this so that housing developments in the village are matched by exciting facilities for the young families we hope to attract to the village.



Andy Jones – PCSO

It is great to hear that improvements are going to be made to Kennet Way Park. The location is central to the village and as such is a good congregation point for the local community. From my point of view, the park itself is looking a little tired and would certainly benefit from a little TLC.



Acorns Nursery

We absolutely support the campaign to revamp and redevelop Kennet Way Park for the children and residents of Oakley. It is an extremely well needed redevelopment and I have no doubt once completed will be well used within the whole community.