Kennet Way Park is the largest park here in Oakley and is situated just off of Kennet Way here in Oakley.  As you can see from the image below the space is rather large, but really quite sparse. Within the playground, there are only  2 benches to sit on and 6 basic pieces of play equipment to use for children aged up to 12 years only. Our goal is to transform this space and really utilize it well. The money we raise will go towards new play equipment but we are also investing in the surrounding green area, landscaping, additional seating and lots of other ideas.

There will be something for everyone to enjoy and feel apart of.

To get an idea of what is achievable, take a look at our ideas page for some visual illustrations.

We really can’t do this with our your support and those all important pounds. So please, tap the donate button, write in a number and walk away with a smile on your face knowing you have helped to make a positive change to your community.


The community is at the heart of this project.